EOT Crane Preventive Maintenance (AMC) Service / Health Check-ups

Preventive Maintenance through AMC is the first step to guaranteeing that your Overhead Cranes run efficiently and deliver their best performance for high productivity, without any unsafe incidents or major breakdowns. At CraneCare, we understand this, hence we offer the best, Professional Preventive Maintenance Care (Annual Crane Maintenance) AMC services across India. When you call on our experts, they firstly perform a thorough inspection of the lifting equipment: There are more than 120 checks which cover Mechanical and Electrical components viz., Hoist, Cross Travel, Long Travel, C-Track System, DSL, Electricals, Panels, etc.

After the thorough Preventive Maintenance checks and adjustments, we provide our detailed report on the Health of the Crane and Recommendations for better performance. If the Health of the Overhead Crane is good, same is communicated. Otherwise, recommendation on Spare Parts, replacement, any other work to be done, is communicated wherever necessary.

As part of the EOT Crane Preventive Maintenance (AMC Service) contract, we will schedule regular Preventive Maintenance service visits, by monthly, Quarterly or, Half-yearly as deemed fit, based on the usage and criticality of the Over Head Cranes. Our Service Engineers ensure to visit your site as per agreed schedule. They carry-out the Preventive Maintenance works as per the Professional CraneCare program.