AMC & Health Check-ups

We provide professional crane maintenance services in and across India. When you call on our experts, we offer firstly a thorough inspection of the lifting equipment, before providing a comprehensive range of crane repair services. We at CraneCare Private Limited. believe safety comes first; regularly maintaining your cranes is the first step in guaranteeing they are fully fit for use.

Spares for any make / model

It might be a small spare part, but not able to replace it immediately might mean you cannot operate the crane and your factory operations might get impacted. At CraneCare, we maintain a healthy inventory of all kinds of spare parts, not only for our own K2make cranes, but also for any make/model cranes. Just call us with your requirements and we will be able to deliver the part to you at the earliest possible thus reducing your downtime significantly!

Modernization / Upgradation

You may have a crane running for many years and it is possible that you are not getting the best performance or you keep having unplanned downtimes. It might be due to the obsolete technology/parts because it takes time to repair them. In such a situation, Modernisation or upgrade is the best option. With CraneCare’s Modernisation/Upgrade service, you can give a new lift to your existing cranes. Our team of qualified engineers will study the current condition of your crane and identify the best technology components that could be used to upgrade your crane. With our service, you will not only continue to benefit from your original investment, but also have an extended productive life of your crane with latest technology.

Modification / Retrofit

Your factory requirements might change and you may need to modify your cranes to suit your current requirements. Instead of buying a new crane, you can modify/retrofit your old crane with new parts. At Cranecare, we have the experience of carrying out such modifications and retrofits smoothly. With our modification/retrofit service, your crane gets increased capacity and improved performance along with required safety. We offer services from simple parts replacement to complete rebuilding of an existing crane, thus meeting your new specifications.

Services & Overhauling

Prevention is better than cure! By performing regular preventive maintenance / overhauling service, you will be able to protect your cranes from all kinds of critical damage. As part of this service, our engineers will thoroughly assess the crane, identify risk areas, check for needed repairs and identify any parts that may need replacement and actually do the repairs and replacements. Your crane is assured of running with its full capacity and without major downtimes.

Crane Inspection

If you need a competent and independent crane examiner, contact CraneCare . We can provide a full service alongside our inspections that can identify any weak links in your equipment. With our help, you can prevent expensive breakdowns with loss of production or serious injury due to the failure of a critical component.

We can also help you identify parts that need to be replaced. Our qualified engineers can help you extend the life of your equipment to minimise your servicing costs and equipment downtime.

Certified Cranes

In addition to our range of services, you can contact our cranecare experts for quality reconditioned Cranes & hoist . Expertly restored to full functionality by our technicians, you can choose from a range of reconditioned overhead cranes and find the right equipment for your next project.

Shifting & Relocation

Shifting and relocation of cranes could be a nightmare if you leave it to a transportation company who do not understand cranes and crane components. Call us when you want your crane to be shifted, we do it the best way, very safely. We can dismantle your cranes, transport them safely to your new location, do any upgrade/modifications/retrofits and install them at your new location.

Operator & Safety Training

You may have the Best in class crane installed at your factory with all the right components. But if your factory operators do not understand the way the crane needs to be run, it may start giving issues. If they understand best practices and the dos and don’ts well, they can operate the crane in the best way and increase the life of the crane. We provide the right training for your crane operators and in a way they can understand and operate the crane efficiently.

Under the hook equipments

At CraneCare we pride ourselves on our innovation and ability to think differently to any other manufacturer of below the hook equipment.

Load testing & Certifications

It is important that your crane is fit for purpose and safe to use. At CraneCare we offer an efficient, reliable and safe solution by performing load testing and certifying your cranes. We provide experienced engineers capable of undertaking any kind of load testing. During load testing we ensure that your crane can lift the expected load as per the required standard in accordance with manufacture’s guidance. We provide a certificate as a formal declaration that the crane meets all its applicable safety directives.

Real Time Monitoring System

Internet of Things (IoT) devices and software that offer real-time crane monitoring to ensure smooth handling of hoisting equipment and synchronized operations.

Our IoT devices and software that include: