EOT Crane (Overhead Crane) Modernization / Crane Up-gradation Service

You may have an Overhead Crane running for many years and it is possible that you are not getting the best performance OR, you keep having unplanned downtimes. It could be due to the obsolete technology / components, because, it takes time to repair them as you would not get the parts easily from the Suppliers. In such a situation, Refurbishing or Modernization of the Crane is the best option.

Our Skilled Engineers will study the current condition of your EOT Crane and identify the required Crane components and Spares that could be used for refurbishing the old cranes. Or, you can opt for Crane Modernisation / Crane Upgrade Services from CraneCare, where in you can upgrade your EOT Cranes with Modern Technology. Thus, you will not only continue to benefit from your original investment, but also have an extended productive life by Renovating your Crane.